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    Monkey Kitty

    False Flags (Historical - World War II Era)

    Doctor Hermann Kraus

    Kraus felt a flash of irritation with the lad's bumbling. Clumsiness was bad enough, but was Gerhard planning to take

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    Monkey Kitty

    Chapter Two: Rescue from the Castle

    "I think I know a way to help her," Carrie said. "The restoration spell in the grimoire that said it would mend broken body parts. It should

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    Monkey Kitty

    OOC Dicussion Forum

    I'm ready to move on with Paige and Amanda if you are.

    Also, I'm currently reading The Testaments but I'm not done with it, so I apologize

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    Monkey Kitty



    Hernandez was not surprised that killing Morgan was not within the intended mission parameters. The man certainly deserved it -

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    Offial Unofficial Negation Comic

    Negation #10

    Book opens with Chomper pouncing on Kaine at Komptin’s command. The page has Chomper on Kaine teeth bared. Flipping

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    Official Conversation Thread for the Official Unofficial Negation Return comic

    So I was googling Negation stuff last week and I stumbled across Jenn's page where she had posted my Negation script!
    Thanks Sojourn!

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