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    About the Archives

    About the Archives

    Quarrels and Quills has posted these archives for your reading enjoyment.

    ~While Archives #1 and #2 are from the original Crossgen Message Boards. These stories are stories that our members had on other sites and have decided to share with us.

    ~All characters and stories posted are property of the individual writers and not of Q & Q. Each writer is acknowledged in each thread, as is the date and time they originally created their post.

    ~Only In Character (IC) threads are posted, however, some Out of Character (OOC) comments may be found in those threads.

    ~Please note, any links found in the posts, do not work.

    Please enjoy.
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    Stories shared by Cyberwing & Ellesar:

    Dragons Haven
    Dragons Haven: A New Beginning
    Fire Mist
    Forks of Stones River
    Hidden Embers
    Hidden Leaf Chronicles
    Mystery of the Dragon
    Nar Gwathren: Land of Shadow
    World of Enkar

    If you have a story you would like to share with us, just PM a member of the Quarrels and Quills Staff to get it posted here in Archive #3.
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