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    Ellen Greenway

    "The initial infections showed up almost instantly," Ellen told them. "Anyone who had been exposed showed symptoms within a day or so."

    "And you said the initial event was years ago?" Isaac asked with a slight upward quirk of the eyebrow. "It seems unlikely anyone here is infected at all."

    "There's a bit of a wild card," Ellen explained. "There are a number of theories about what happened - I won't bore you with all of them - but one of them is that there was some sort of pocket dimension created where time ran differently. It sounds outlandish, but there is some evidence to support it... like the seeming lack of aging by the human population. It may be that the progress of the disease was somehow halted, but will resume now that we've moved them out of that... well, 'loop,' I guess you might say."

    Isaac nodded. "This is all a bit beyond me, but I get the gist. You think that bringing them here may have kickstarted a disease process that was somehow on hold where they were before."

    "Exactly," Ellen agreed. "We couldn't leave them there to be destroyed with the island, but that was the risk we assumed by moving them. I think it would be safe to say that within a month, any possible danger has passed - no one who was previously infected took anywhere near that long to manifest the results. In the meantime, those of us who are immune can act as go-betweens."

    Nick explained, "There are a number of people here who are immune due to various... other situations. The disease only seems to affect humans, and some of us here are... well, not."
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    The large part of this conversation was over this werewolf's head. Other dimensions and time stuff - out of his league. He'd stick to the stuff he knew and let the people more learned deal with whatever they were talking about. When the talk shifted to the topic of non-humans, however, Riff perked up immediately. This was something he knew something about.

    "Fantastic! There are lots of non-humans around here. Do you have anyone with, um, special requirements? If you do, it's okay, just put it on the list. Honestly, no request is too...for lack of a better word...weird. I used to work for the underground in Europe. Seen lots of different folk and got them set up all over the place."

    He hoped he sounded reassuring that everyone on the island would be welcomed, human and otherwise, and hoped that no one would feel too embarrassed about their needs to add it to the shopping list. Sure, most of his contacts were in Europe, but there had to be connections on this side of the ocean too. He hadn't thought about looking for a blood producing facility. Hopefully the local vampires wouldn't mind sharing - that is, if there were any around. Isaac hadn't mentioned a coven, but with everyone underground these days, who really knew?
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    Ellen Greenway

    One again, Ellen and Nick exchanged a surprised look. This wasn't how things typically went. Usually there was a risk assessment - words and labels were weighed - and it didn't always go in their favor. An immediate offer to help was not the expected next step. At all. But it was a welcome one.

    "I don't think we need anything in particular," Ellen said. "Thank you, though. Sincerely. This is much more kindness than we expected. No one here has any special... requirements, really. It's a more matter of origins. Nick, you know about - and you've probably guessed about me as well."

    Isaac nodded. "I would think the two of you... wouldn't normally be on the same side? But it's wonderful that you are."

    Ellen cracked a small smile. "Yes, you're correct. We have other family members and townspeople along the same lines. Succubi. An attempt at a familiar. More... cryptic sorts of creatures. And so on."

    Isaac couldn't help looking a little startled. Riff probably wouldn't be, after his experiences with immortals beyond the 'standard' varieties in his old community. Isaac recovered quickly. "Well, you're all welcome," he said. "Origins are not a concern, as long as you're willing to live in peace. Which brings me to a less pleasant subject. We've recently discovered the existence of two different threats."

    He nodded that Clare should present the Fae concern. She explained, "My mother is the leader of the Fae on Fog Island. She will not cause any difficulties for you. I'll inform her that you're no threat, and she'll be relieved that her court can just leave you alone. Her court has some rogue members, though, and she's having difficulty keeping them leashed. They're already aware of you - that's how we found out - and they spoke about attacking you. My mother forbid it... but I don't know how long they'll listen, or if they'll rebel openly."

    Isaac added, "There's also another matter. There are some... well.... Nazi werewolves. I don't know that they would pose a direct threat to you. But..."

    Ellen said bluntly, "I can assure you, we do not want Nazi werewolves around. There is no possible way that could be a good thing."

    Isaac smiled. "My thoughts exactly. I think it would be best for us to ally for mutual defense."

    "Agreed," Ellen said - still very surprised by the turn this had taken. When the newcomers had arrived, she had been wary. Not only had they been welcomed, but they had potential allies.

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